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Grodnopromtehnika  provides a wide range of services. We offer:

  • Transportation

head2Now provides transportation services to construction and road transport organizations tipping (MAZ, KAMAZ). It is possible to transport bulk materials (cement, dolomite, etc.). Serve agricultural enterprises.

  • Maintenance and repair equipment nefteskladskogo

neft1Perform the installation, repair and maintenance of fuel dispensers trained personnel. We produce cleaning tanks of any size. Assemble and put into operation, we make the maintenance of all systems.

  • Installation and maintenance of milking and Refrigeration equipment

24092010138Our specialists carry out installation and repair, maintenance, milking and cooling equipment of all brands (including the use of freon).

  • Metal fabrication of any complexity and size, as well as repair and installation of heating, plumbing and sanitary

dsc01107Assemble and start-up heating and plumbing, we make the maintenance of all systems that produce and assemble a farmyard fence, we make the installation of grain drying systems. There are opportunities for the production of various products, from billboards to the truck with the heater tank.

  • Repair equipment grain drying.

Repair, restoration grain drying plants M819, M820, recovery furnaces to dryers M812, M820.