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Grodnopromtehnika reclassified decision of the Executive Committee of Grodno, № 225 dated 11.05.2004, certificate of state registration number 004328 YULK. In the unified state register of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs number 500030475.
Ownership — private with a share of the state.
In the statutory fund of the state's share is 85.164%.
Possessory supervision performs SUE Oblselhoztehnika.
The Joint Stock Company «Grodnopromtehnika» includes the following manufacturing sites:
-Site repair shop;
-Motor transport section;
And construction and assembly area;
SRT-livestock farms;
-Wiring portion;
On-site maintenance and repair neftekolonok.
The main activity of JSC «Grodnopromtehnika» are road transport, as in society are carried out: repair of agricultural machinery, components and assemblies to them, grinding of crankshafts, repair of grain drying equipment — heat exchanger firing M-819;
We produce: non-standard equipment boxed enclosure for keeping cattle, carts unified TU-300M and TU-300E.
OAO Grodnopromtehnika produces and sells a wide range of electronic scales. At present we offer:
-Scale automobile platform VABm
-Scales for weighing animals BCPC −1000
-Low profile platform scales VSPnp-500
-Scale electronic platform GSP-1000
The work is done by:
-Maintenance of milking and cooling equipment livestock farms. — Since 2008 to test a new type of service for maintenance of milking equipment company «Westphalia». — Maintenance nefteskladskogo equipment, installation and electrical work.
To implement all of the above work and services the company has appropriate licenses and special permits.
Carried out development activities to enhance the quality of products and services according to the quality management system requirements of СТБ ISO 9001.

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